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    Thailand Bicycle Companies, Thai Bicycle Manufacturers


    When I first came to Thailand there were just three types of bicycle - red, blue or black. Yes one design and three colours, you takes your choice. The design was similar to what we would call in England a 'Ladies bicycle' except here in Thailand it had been turned into a 'Family Bike'. With a wire basket on the front, a kid seat in front of the rider and an extra seat balanced precariously over the rear wheel. This bike could carry 2 adults and sometimes 2 kids as well as the family shopping from the market.

    These bikes and this same design are still to be found in abundance in the villages and small towns up-country. Nowadays motorcycles have generally replaced the pedal power. However it is still common to see a couple of adults and two or three children on one motorbike. Up-country there are still the charming three wheel 'samlor' taxis. You will have seen these Chinese style as a rickshaw.

    Even in the small sois (lanes) dotted around Bangkok these bicycle taxis carry their passengers to the main roads or markets. Wirey old men huff and pant sometimes jumping off and running along with the samlor. They certainly huff and pant when they see me. Double charge for being a farang. Double double double charge when they point out I am a fat farang. Still these old geezers know their way around town and are not restricted to the usual traffic rules and regulations, or don't seem to be.

    It is only in the past few years that cycling as a pastime has caught on in Thailand. There have been many aborted attempts by the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority to provide cycle lanes along Bangkok's busy streets or along the banks of the numerous canals which crisscross the city. None have really come to fruition. There are lot's of bicycle clubs forming who's members mount their bicycles on the racks of their SUV's and head for the countryside at weekends. At the same time a die hard bunch take to the inner city streets, or attempt to. Many times I have seen an errant cyclist board the Sky Train with his bicycle, decked out in full racing gear.

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    Green Holidays, adventure holidays, trekking holidays call them what you will environmental tourism or sustainable eco-tourism. As a kid in England they were cheap alternatives. A chance to pedal the leafy lanes of Norfolk or Lincolnshire. Staying in cheap guest houses or even carrying a tent. I really can not understand why folk fly thousands of miles for a holiday in Thailand to stay in some cockroach ridden guest house on Khaosan Road. I think it was the movie 'The Beach' that did it, but not for me. Give me a second class hotel with aircon and TV and a swimming pool for the same price as a smelly guest house. Bring your own bike or hire a bicycle or rent a mountain bike. The mountains in the north are beautiful. The flat plains of the Northeast more like leafy Lincolnshire. Pedal around Phuket or cycle around Koh Samui. The choice is yours.

    For the manufacturer of bicycles around the world Thailand is an excellent place to outsource production of whole bikes or bicycle parts or the myriad of bicycle parts and cycling accessories that cater for this leisure pastime and the serious sporting bike enthusiast. If you are looking to source bicycle products then drop me an email - happy to help bangkokcompanies@gmail.com



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    Featured Bicycle tour companies in Thailand

    RBB Recreational Bangkok Biking are specialists in operating recreational Cycling Tours in Bangkok and Bicycle Tours in Chiang Mai. As our name suggests, recreation combined with the highest levels of safety standards, are the top priorities. So our groups are never larger than 8 participants, meaning that you can enjoy a safer and more personal service. Anyone who can ride a bicycle may join our excursions. In addition to a delightful tour experience, there is no better way to touch, smell and see the real Thai way of life. Our tours will certainly enrich your stay in Thailand; with memories and smiles that will last a life-time.

    ABC Amazing Bangkok Cyclist Ltd
    ABC Amazing Bangkok Cyclist the best day of your holiday. Daily tours. Price per person is Baht 1,000.= pp, including, bike rental, snacks, drinks, fruit, water, guide fee, boat transfers, insurance.

    Amazing Bangkok Cyclist
    Cycling tours through the backstreets of Bangkok and on the other side of the river. Recommended.

    Absolute Explorer Bicycle Safari, Bangkok
    After a quick bike fitting and briefing we take to the outskirts of Bangkok for our adventures. We ride down Bangkok back roads, along tiny laneways and through leafy parks well away from Bangkoks famous traffic. A maximum of 6 persons means genuinely small groups.

    Amazing Field Co. Ltd., Bangkok
    Amazing Field Co. organizes road running courses, cycling races, dual athlons and triathlons.

    Best Thailand Tours
    Thailand Day tours all around Thailand, half day in Bangkok, bicycle tours, temples, flee market and all the amazing spots out there in Thailand.

    Bike & Travel
    Offers mountain biking and road cycling tours in Thailand.

    Click and Travel
    Bicycle tours in northern Thailand.

    Contact Travel, Chiang-Mai
    Adventure and sports travel Operator, based in Chiangmai. Trek, Bike, Raft or kayaks with our experienced team!

    Cycling in Chiang Mai
    Covers topics related to cycling in Northern Thailand, including sections on where to ride, bike shops, tour companies, and links to related websites.

    One World Bicycle Expeditions
    Bicycle Tours for Adventurers in Northern Thailand.

    Panali - A boutique hotel in Pranburi, Prachuabkirikhan, Thailand. Enjoy our beachside pool. Relax in our refreshing Jacuzzi. Take a tour of the local countryside using our free bicycles.

    Outdoor adventures for lesbian and gay people in Thailand. Scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, mountain bike rides. Day, overnight and live-aboard trips.

    Red Bicycle - Koh Samui Mountain Bikes
    Mountain Bicycle tours, rentals, repair and sales in Koh Samui Thailand. High quality bikes from Cannondale, Jamis, and Santa Cruz.

    Riverkwai Park and Resort, Kanchanaburi
    Beautifully located on a natural landscape surrounded by the river and the forested hills of Kanchanaburi province, Riverkwai Park and Resort provides nice accommodation, clean and delicious food and drinks, camp ground with bon-fire place for outdoor lovers, swimming pool, bicycles for rent, fishing, conference room and more.

    Seashell Village Resort, Chanthaburi
    Seashell Village Resort is a unique beach resort with only 12 sea view rooms accommodating a maximum of 26 guests. The resort is located on Seashell beach next to Chao Lao beach, Tamai, Chanthaburi.

    Siam Bike Travel Co. Ltd
    A leading motorcycle and 4WD adventure tour company in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Specialised on standard and custom tours in northern Thailand, Laos and Burma.

    Thailand Cycling Club
    The Thailand Cycling Club promotes bicycling in Bangkok and Thailand. There are organized bike trips, some products for sale, and information on its campaigns. The Thailand Cycling Club reportedly has more than 3000 members.

    Thailand Segway Tours
    Thailand Segway Tours offers rides in Bangkok and other sites with a knowledgeable guide. Learn to ride a Segway and glide through Asia's most exotic country in high-tech comfort.

    Tour de thailand
    A Charity Bicycle Ride by the Tour de Asia Bicycle Touring

    Tropical Cyclist
    Fietstochten doorheen verschillende landen in Zuid-Oost Azie, o.a. Thailand.

    Wild Planet
    Provide wild adventure trip and ecotourism in trek mountain bike, hiking trail, rafting, kayaking, cycling, sport outdoor recreation and scuba diving equipment.

    Following you will find lists of bicycles and bicycle tour products from companies involved in the bicycle business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a bicycle company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email bangkokcompanies@gmail.com

    Adventure Bicycle Tours
    Adventure Bike Tours
    Adventure Cycling Holidays
    Aluminum Foldable Bicycle
    Baby Tricycle
    Bangkok Bicycle Tours
    Bangkok Bike Tours
    Bangkok Cycling Holidays
    Bicycle Accessories
    Bicycle Clothing
    Bicycle Clothing - Mens
    Bicycle Clothing - Rainwear
    Bicycle Clothing - Womens
    Bicycle Expeditions
    Bicycle Rental
    Bicycle Tour
    Bicycle Tours
    Bicycle Tours For Adventurers
    Bicycle Wirh Rear Carrier
    Bicycle With Training Wheel And Water Bottle
    Bicycling Adventures
    Bike Thailand
    Bike Tour
    Bike Tours To Thailand
    Bmx Bicycle
    Bmx Bicycles
    Bmx Bikes
    Chiang Mai Bicycle Tours
    Chiang Mai Bike Tours
    Chiang Mai Cycling Holidays
    Children's Bicycles
    Children's Bikes
    Children's Mountain Bicycles
    Children's Mountain Bikes
    Children's Tricycles
    Chopper Bicycles
    Chopper Bikes
    Cycling Holidays
    Cycling Supplies
    Deluxe Bicycle And Parts
    Electric Bicycle
    Electric Bicycle With Foldable Aluminium Frame
    Electric Bicycles
    Electric Dual-Function Bicycle
    Electric Harley Bicycle
    Electric Motor Bikes
    Electric Motorcycle
    Electric Motorcycles
    Electric Mountain Bicycle
    Electric Scooter
    Electric Skate
    Exercise Bike
    Exercise Bikes
    Foldable Bicycles
    Folding Bicycles
    Folding Bike Accessories
    Folding Bikes
    Folding Electric Bicycle
    Freestyle Bicycles
    Full Suspension Bicycle
    Gasoline Bicycle
    Green Transportation
    Jump Bicycles
    Jump Bikes
    Jungle Bicycle Tours
    Jungle Bike Tours
    Jungle Cycling Holidays
    Kids Bicycles
    Kids Bikes
    Koh Samui Bicycle Tours
    Koh Samui Bike Tours
    Koh Samui Cycling Holidays
    Lightweight Electric Bicycle
    Lithium Battery-Powered Electric Bicycle
    Mens Hybrids
    Mens Road Bicycles
    Mens Road Bikes
    Mini Bicycles
    Mini Electric Bicycle
    Mountain Bicycle
    Mountain Bicycles
    Mountain Bikes
    Pattaya Bicycle Tours
    Pattaya Bike Tours
    Pattaya Cycling Holidays
    Pedal Electric Bicycle
    Phuket Bicycle Tours
    Phuket Bike Tours
    Phuket Cycling Holidays
    Racing Bicycles
    Road Bicycles
    Road Bikes
    Six-Speed Folding Bicycle
    State-Of-The-Art Mountain Bike
    Tandem Bicycles
    Tandem Bikes
    Thailand Bicycle Tours
    Thailand Bicycle Tours And Cycling Holidays
    Thailand Bike Ride
    Thailand Bike Tours
    Thailand Biking
    Thailand Biking Tour
    Thailand By Bicycle
    Thailand Cycling Holidays
    Thailand Mountain-Bike
    Touring Bicycles
    Touring Bikes
    Trail Bicycles
    Trail Bikes
    Trailer Bicycles
    Trailer Bikes
    Trekking Bicycle Tours
    Trekking Bike Tours
    Trekking Cycling Holidays
    Trials Bicycles
    Trials Bikes
    Tricycle Bicycle
    Womens Hybrids
    Womens Mountain Bicycles
    Womens Mountain Bikes
    Womens Road Bicycles
    Womens Road Bikes
    Youth Bicycles
    Youth Bikes

    44 motor ltd,PART.
    bangkok cycle industrial co,LTD
    bangkok metropolis motor co,Ltd.
    bangkok travelbike ltd.,PART.
    bicycles-spare parts,
    bike & travel,
    blackjack industrial co,LTD.
    c.h. siam co,LTD.
    camel industries co,LTD.
    cycle road magazine,
    dee rubber co,LTD.
    electric vehicles (thailand) co,LTD.
    fareast cycle ltd. p.,
    german bead wire industries (thailand) ltd.,
    hwa fong rubber (thailand) co,LTD.
    k.c.i. bicycle and parts co,LTD.
    krung thai intercontinental co,LTD.
    krungthai plaspack co,LTD.
    lion tyres (thailand) co. ltd,
    my way transport co.,Ltd.
    n.k. auto part co.,LTD.
    p.s.g. trading (thailand) co.,LTD.
    pacific cycle co.,LTD.
    polygram motorbike co.,Ltd.
    raja cycle co.,LTD.
    rocket steel industry (thailand) co.,LTD.
    rung ruang bicycle co.,Ltd.
    saeng siam imepx co.,LTD.
    siam bicycle limited partnership,
    siam cycle international co.,Ltd
    siam cycle mfg (1987) co.,LTD.
    siam united cycle co.,LTD
    siam waltech aluminiumum,
    smile family (siam) co.,LTD.
    thai best commercial co.,LTD.
    thai bicycle co.,Ltd.
    thai chain & assembly plants co.,LTD.
    thai fine chemicals co.,LTD.
    thai sin rubber industry ltd.,Part.
    thai zen factory co.,Ltd.
    thaisin rubber industry ltd.,PART.
    union autoparts manufacturing co.,LTD.
    union cycle industries co.,LTD.
    unlimited combine co.,LTD.
    v. com-web,
    vee rubber international co.,Ltd.
    victory cycle co.,LTD.
    wire master industry (thailand) co.,Ltd.
    world cycle industrial co.,LTD.

    If you are looking to source or sell bicycle products in Thailand then please complete the request form for more information or visit our main site Bangkok-Companies

    Contact Mike at bangkokcompanies@gmail.com for more details

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